I love my life the way it is

a project by Ali Alvarez

Jackpot! Look what I just found in an old box at the office!

"Bucklava" has to my favourite of this bunch. 
I got sent to the hospital six months ago today.

One from Nathan, two as a treat for myself.
And some from America.
A few from Spain.
NASCAR kinda luck.
Emerald doubles anyone?
The Olympics are coming!

The tickets I started with.

Some more from my collection.I know there's a bunch kicking around in a box somewhere, but can't remember where.
(Really hope people send some in...)

From Nicky who was on a holiday in France.

From Danielle in San Fran. Danielle

Had to, had to have the cash doubler... and.. the lucky charms...

Some from Miriam, in Z├╝rich.

Wow, these are from my friend Daniel who I haven't seen in about 10 years... wow.

Carrie's parents rock. Thanks Mike and Sue!

Mr. E Wood gets tickets every year for Christmas. This year he gave them to me.